The Classic Daily Times: 4/12/23

March 29, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to this weeks edition of The Classic Daily Times, a weekly email highlighting things going on in the shop, a tech tip, a quote I enjoy, and a recipe to share.

Bluepty: The Story of a Boosted Beater Youtube Series

In the next video about Bluepty Mr. Jake helps you learn how to diag a no start condition. Follow along in the upcoming videos where we explain and teach on topics such as installing headstuds to installing and tuning a turboed M20. Watch Diagnosing an M20 today (4/12/23) at 8:30PM EST. Click the picture below to watch or join in on the premier.

Tech Tip

A set of quality basic wiring tools.


"Good choices create opportunities. Good habits make the most of them."


I highly believe that people are built by their family, friends, and anyone you meet along the way. Food is a thing that binds us together in shared memories. Below is a recipe from someone that resides in my memory bank. This is my way to help it live on.