5-20-21 Update LS3/408SBC/E46M3

May 19, 2021

5-20-21 Update LS3/408SBC/E46M3

Lots of things going on in the shop this week.  Everything from an LS3 Carb Legal E36 swap underway to a bit of dyno time on a 408 SBC autocross regal.  Oh yeah and SWAGGGGGGG.

One of the current projects going on right now is a 1996 BMW M3 with a California Carb Legal LS3 Swap.  When we started down this road, we were unaware of some of the hurdles and OBDII car adds to the mix to achieve a CARB legal swap.  But....whatever.  Forward we will go and build nice little brackets over those hurdles.  BTW: Here is a list of those hurdles.

  • CANNOT use an EROD Kit...must be a donor from a driven car ('10 Camaro)
  • Must use stock airbox or EO Certified for donor
  • Must use stock exhaust manifolds, cats, o2 sensors, etc etc
  • Must use entire fuel system from the donor vehicle, ie. fuel pump, sensors, etc etc
  • Must be a STOCK unaltered flash on the PCM
  • I guess that's it....

The main issue here was the fitting the stock intake.  We could only find ONE EO certified intake.  To make this work we had to drop the radiator down about 2" so there is room for the MAF.  Other than that it all fits....

There was some cutting required to fit the stock Camaro exhaust manifolds along with a 3rd steering universal joint.  (that big nasty hole in the firewall will be filled in) 
Some custom engine mounts and the engine is in...ta-da
Another project going on this week is to replace a ripped out floor/subframe in an E46 M3.  What a huge messy under taking.....  a couple of pictures.
Our week started with some dyno time for a 408 SBC in a regal built for autocross.  These were just testing/logging pulls.  We were working at getting some WOT pulls but the engine sprung a pretty big oil leak so off it came.  We will say it makes A LOT of torque... 475 ft lbs A LOT.
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