BMW E30 M20 Plug and Play ECU

Classic Daily Turkey and Cheese 55pin ECU.  This will work for any motronic 1.3 cars with the 55 pin connector.  M20 and M30.

Runs Rusefifirmware that tunes with tuner studio.

This kit comes with the following

  • Turkey and Cheese PNP ECU
  • TPS Adapter 
  • TPS Harness
  • Variable TPS
  • Injector Harness (converts to 3 banks of 2 injectors)
  • AFM delete pipe with GM air temp sensor
  • USB Cord
  • Cookies

All units come preprogrammed for your base setup and we will assist with basic setup.  If you are looking for a remote tune please contact for pricing.  

Introductory pricing for launch (4/19/23)!!  This units are in route to us.  We expect them to be in stock mid May 2023.  Price will change when in stock.

Check our other listings for upgraded spark options.