The Classic Daily Times 3/29/23

March 27, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to this weeks edition of The Classic Daily Times, a weekly email highlighting things going on in the shop, a tech tip, a quote I enjoy, and a recipe to share.

Bluepty: The Story of a Boosted Beater Youtube Series

I would like to introduce to you Bluepty. This is one of my personal cars....a 1989 BMW 325i E30. Over the series of videos we will be sharing with you the story of a boosted beater. Starting with this weeks video of a few base line dyno pulls. Follow along in the upcoming videos where we explain and teach on topics such as decoding Motronic to installing and tuning a turboed M20. First Video comes out today (3/29/23) at 8:30PM EST. Click the picture below to watch to join in on the premier.


Tech Tip

How to check the continuity of a wire with a Multimeter.  Click Here for the Video.


"There are two ways to be wealthy--to get everything you want or to want everything you get."


I highly believe that people are built by their family, friends, and anyone you meet along the way. Food is a thing that binds us together in shared memories. Below is a recipe from someone that resides in my memory bank. This is my way to help it live on.