Bye bye iX

The car is back to it’s owner now. This will be the last post… Well might have some video to upload.

In the video posted eariler in this thread the engine sounded a bit noisy. Ended up finding 3 of the little adjustment pucks had came out of the cups. Found them sitting under the valve cover. Went through and did a full valve adjustment and it was MUCH quieter.

During valve adjustment

First time outside in a while…

The master cylinder we were using provided for a VERY hard pedal with not much travel at all. That was a porsche 944 unit which I thought was 19mm/19mm but in fact it was 23mm/19mm. Anyway we swapped to a 5/8″ dual bore wilwood master and another custom bracket. Pedal feels MUCH better. You can still tell they are manual brakes but the effort isn’t bad at all.

Pictures before it went back to the owner.
We swapped from tan to black sport interior, aftermarket seat heaters, new dash, dyed carpet, 1 series winter mats, fixed sunroof, etc etc.

instagram fun @classicdaily

Getting ready

Due to scheduling and time constraints I trailered the car down to the customer. I like a nice road trip here and there as well.

I must say this thing is a BLAST to drive. It just goes…pulling from all 4 wheels. FUN FUN FUN