More subframe

So to limit the amount of oil pan that has to be cut we are going to mount the steering rack as tight as possible. We are using a 2.7 turn Z3 rack and moved the lines to the top/front of the rack rather than the front. As seen here.

To mount the rack tight as possible the subframe is also the mounting spot. This started as 2″ – 0.25 wall box and was cut down into a C. A few spots had to be notched out to make it all fit around the rack. This was cut witha plasma and still needs to be cleaned up a little.

Bolted to the jig

Starting to connect the dots

Trimmed down and more pieces tacked in.

Out of the jig

In the car

About how much will need to be trimmed from the pan.

Now this subframe is FAR from done. It will get a lot more reinforcements but we are still at the, “lets make it all fit” stage.