Cutting the subframe

So the subframe and oil pan want to live in the same spot. So what do we do….cut the oil pan? Move the subframe? Or a little of both? The plan is to go with modified subframe and cut oil pan.

First step is to build a jig to hold the subframe so once it’s cut up it will still be in the same spot.
Made with 2.5″ angle (might be a little over kill but I don’t want anything to move)

Locating the steering rack. The rack MIGHT get moved forward slightly to allow for less cutting of the oil pan. That is why there are two locations. One about 3/4″ forward.

Just random jig pics

Time to cut the subframe apart.

Back in the jig…

Next step is to bolt the subframe to the car and see where things start lining up. Also need to find some fittings for the steering rack as I want to move some of the lines to the front to give more room.