gas pedal and intake

Running wires to the gas pedal. Through the pocket where the PCM will live above the glove box.

While I had the glove box all apart I replaced the cabin filter….man they get dirty.

New one in and vacuumed the box all out. Much Better

Made a bracket for the gas pedal

Angle iron piece is welded to the firewall and tapped to bolt the flat piece that the pedal is bolted to.

Pedal is about the same spot as the stock one. Feels really good.

Trans cooler..still need to finish the bracket…just weld with vise grips here.

The plan was to have it running today but the intake pipe showed up at the end of the day and didn’t have time to finish it.

It has to be extended a little bit at the throttle body.

The LS3 uses a cassette style MAF and a little flange has to be welded to an aluminum intake pipe.

The flange

I am not comfortable welding aluminum yet (to the quality I like) so I will have to take it to a local welding shop to weld up.