More reinforcements and cleaning

Installed the reinforcement plates around the rear trailing arm mounting points. The body was in good shape here but adding just just becasue everything is apart.

Cleaned up…

Before the plate went on it was painted with weld through zinc paint (sorry no picture)

Plate welded in place…I really dislike welding upside down. It’s hard to tell from the picture but the openings in the plate are just about filled with weld. Also welded around the outside and inside perimeter. Tacked at the landing points for the trailing arm bracket. Had to use the flap disc to make sure everything was smooth.

Rear sway bar reinforcement installed



Also pushed all the bushings out of the rear subframe so it is ready to be coated.

More cleaning on the bottom…this is after wire brushing and then washing with soap and water and a rinse.

Started painting the wheel wells