Back at it…

Haven’t had an update in a bit…I am back to my day job now so time is a little limited. We were also waiting for the trans to be gone through. New syncos, fork pads, keys, realigned, and a steel 3-4 shift fork.

Engine should be going back in in the next couple days…

a few pictures of little things getting done

New slave cylinder/release bearing with remote bleeder and hydro line

Removed the wire connector off the skip shift solenoid. The skip shift gets shut off in the software, connector was close to the trans tunnel. It needs to stay now just as a plug.

Ford t56 backup light switch…again for tunnel clearance

Modified hydro boost….also now with an6 fittings

e12 temp sensor rethreaded from m14 to m12 to fit in the passenger side head

Oil dummy light sensor…adapter from m16 to npt and then a sensor from a 89 s10

truck dipstick location plug

Debating if I should jig up the mounts to reproduce…..Keep going back and forth. if anyone is even remotely thinking of wanting a set of mounts for an lsx e12 please let me know….