Belt Routing round 1…

Waiting on a couple things before the engine can go back in….also went back to my day job this past week…well sorta. K-12 band teacher…kids start next Tuesday. Hard to go back every year.

Got a belt for the new belt routing…and I only got one belt at the auto store and it was right the first time around. Tensioner still have a lot of adjustment if the belt stretches a bit.

Alignment of the belt. I rolled the engine over about 5 times and it seems to track straight.

Tensioner bolts to the waterpump and then two threaded standoffs that are welded to a plate that bolts to the drivers side head.


The mount off the head will be replaced with a threaded stand off. What is there was just to mock this. You can see the two spacers that go from the plate to the waterpump.

The reason for moving the alternator was a couple reasons. One to be able to gain space down low for exhaust on the drivers side and second to be able to reuse the truck accessories.