ahhhh rust

Just a small update…

Fixed the hole in the firewall.  Blunt wanted functional over looking good.  It’s nothing fancy but it will stop it from rusting more and fill the hole.

You can see the hole in the firewall here….

Some paint just to cover the bare metal…back side also was painted.  This will all get covered up anyway with new insulation.

Relocating the alternator to make room….
Made a bracket, love my new plasma cutter.  This will get drawn into cad and cut on a water jet for the final version.

Also mounts to the head.  This may or may not stay….  There will also be spacers between the water pump and new bracket.

I’m not sure which idler I like better yet.  I have another one coming to try too.  Plate will be drilled and tapped for the idler pulley.