E34 S52 Turbo Wagon

After selling my s52 e30 I wanted something a little different so I picked up a e34 wagon that was missing an engine out of ohio.

On the way home




The First swap for this car was an s52 and 5 speed.  I also found a set of 540 M sport seats.



A quick pic of it in winter mode…winter tires and RWD FTW.  This was taken in town.


The following summer I got the itch for another project so I decided to go for more power.  The s52 came out and I installed an SPA manifold, turbo, and TRM tune.  It was set around 8psi and made 345hp on a dynojet.  The dyno print out seems to be lost….

S52 came back out and the turbo and manifold went on.


I wanted a quiet exhuast so after the turbo there were two magnaflow mufflers with 3″ mandrel bent piping.


A couple pictures with the turbo setup done.  As you can see the intercooler was in front of the radiator.  There is very little room in the nose of an e34 so this ended up being the best method of packaging everything.